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5 Reasons Why Remote Work May Be Right for Your Company

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You may have noticed the latest trend of remote workers. While some may be independent freelancers, millions more actually continue working for their employers. In the past, employers liked to keep an eye on their employees. This traditional approach often had the opposite effect.

Overworked employees who spend every minute staring at the screen lose their effectiveness after a couple of hours. Offices today are also overcrowded with plenty of distractions. Even if your employee looks like they’re working, chances are their brains are not functioning as well as that business next door who allows workers to have chit chat breaks.

Remote work may just be right for your company. Let’s examine 5 reasons why.

1. Better cost savings. If your workers are working from home then you don’t have to spend money on an office space lease to accommodate all your workers. You also save money as you don’t have to purchase furniture, coffee, and snacks, or even toilet paper or paper towels for the bathroom.

2. Decreased sick day expense. Since you don’t have a ton of workers crammed into a tiny office space who pass their illnesses onto each other, that means that they’ll stay healthy when they work from home. And if they feel a bit unwell, they’ll still feel encouraged to do a full day of work as they can still care for themselves but do the job.

3. Less opportunity for wasted time. When employees get mentally and physically tired then they look for ways to waste time. They’ll head to the kitchen and chat with coworkers. They’ll surf the net even though that doesn’t really give their eyes or minds a break from the screen. They’ll spend more time in the bathroom, hoping that their stiff and sore backs loosen up. But when they’re working from home they’ll be able to set up a nice comfortable workspace. They won’t need to waste time.

4. Better quality work. The work your remote workers complete will be of better quality. This is because they don’t have to answer telephone calls in-between, or have people stopping by their desks to ask questions. They can close the email and focus on the task at hand. They’ll have time to do the job properly and check for errors, decreasing the chances that the work needs to be redone.

5. Workers are happier. Right now the average commuting time is one hour for workers. That means some workers spend 20 minutes driving to work, while others spend three to four hours on busy freeways. When you give workers back a few of their unpaid hours in the day, they’ll be much happier, as they’ll have more time to spend with families.

If your employees are working jobs that can easily be done remotely, start exploring the cost-saving benefits. The goal of every business owner is to trim costs but still bring in the profits. Having remote workers may be the best solution for your business.


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