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Many small business owners don’t have the same benefit of a marketing department that a big corporation has. That means they’re left to planning their own marketing strategies and trying to figure out SEO—Search Engine Optimization. SEO tactics can quickly change, as Google is always making updates. Most of them are good and designed to prevent the scammer from getting fake websites promoted, but some techniques can also be beneficial for marketing purposes for legit businesses. And often you won’t know what works or what doesn’t until you test them for yourself.


SEO & Keyword Planning

SEO and keyword planning can be some of the trickiest problems when you have your own online business. But SEO experts can help you to research the best keywords to suit your own business and provide SEO tactics that really work. It’s important to have keyword planning that fits your business, is not a generalization of all businesses in your field. You don’t want to be suggested keywords, then be competing with other clients when customers are also searching for those search terms. Often region or city can play a factor in narrowing down your keyword planning.


Copywriting & Content Creation

Having valuable content on your website, including product and service descriptions, and articles can make your business be an authority in that field. Often customers want more than a product or service; they want a long-term business relationship with you. The next time they need something, they’ll buy from you first. Don’t rely on cheap copywriting or content creation services. Remember that rule that you always get what you pay for. Having 100 blogs created for $10 is only going to get you stolen content that will substantially downgrade in Google’s search as a result. Likewise, if you’re simply inundating your Facebook customers with post after post of “buy this now,” they’re more likely to unfollow or unlike your page. There are many different types of content creation and copywriting that can be done to promote your products and services.


Content Marketing

Besides marketing your own business, content marketing is also essential if part of your business is in providing valuable content. Marketing blogs are one aspect of marketing a book that you have written on your niche topic. Content marketing can also be specific marketing that you do through blogs or articles to promote your business. It doesn’t even have to be related to your business. Many businesses talk about their families, vacations, or other topics, even though they have nothing to do with what their business actually does. In fact, this can be a relief for the reader, as they don’t always want to read the same topics over and over again on your site. The key is to have valuable content that they’ll come back to read again and again. Our content marketers can help get your online content, and social media posts recognized so that you can direct more traffic your way.

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