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The web has changed so much over the years. The web now is used by people of all ages and individuals rely on it multiple times daily. As a business, you need to secure your place on the web, or people simply won’t give you the time of day and contact you or hire you. Business items like the phone book are becoming obsolete. Each year the phone book gets smaller and smaller. Search engines and social media are the new phone books of modern technology.


A website is your digital real estate, its your place to tell your story and show who you are. Today it’s important to make sure you are displaying your website for mobile users and desktop users. If not you risk losing traffic and that means losing customers. The use of mobile devices is growing so massively if you are not optimized for mobile you will suddenly stop increasing sales or being noticed at some point soon.


We often get contacted by a business that was very popular in the mid 90’s  or 2007, and since then they have fallen off the map regarding sales or traffic. We assess their sites and find they are using old technologies that modern search engines don’t like; they are using SEO tactics that search engines frown upon today and hurt your search rank today. Also, we find a lot of sites are not secure and in essence leaving customers information unsure which is a growing concern for internet users in this modern day.


We can assess your needs and place you into a web situation that suits your needs. A lot of people today want the freedom to be able to update their site themselves and not rely on a webmaster to make small and costly changes. So its our job to teach you to use your site and set it up in such a way that you or your staff can make changes if needed. Content management systems are a great way to easily maintain your content without knowing code or being tech savvy.  We can show you many options that will fit your needs. No sales pressure to get in a product that is not right for you. We will educate you on all the options and let the decision in your hands.


Also, you want to ensure your site can evolve with you over time for relatively reasonable cost.  We have products that make this obtainable and straightforward. The web is always growing, and you want to make sure that you can evolve with it and not fall behind.


The days of the good old custom coded site have taken a step back because with the every change web its very costly to maintain such sites with a small or mid-size budget. We can assist in getting you world-class website for a fraction of the cost utilizing some fantastic options that one of our account managers can show you.


If you are a high-end company, we can test your site to make sure your site is fine-tuned for performance and page speeds we can also look at the options that can help you drive more sales, and make the sales process simplified for the end users.


There are so many options available today, one of the more popular options is WordPress websites. WordPress has so many themes and fantastic top quality plugins, our experts can help you get on WordPress and be a shining star with the best of the best

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