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Full Graphic Design Services for Print & Online

Our company offers complete graphic design services for the internet, and printed materials, publications, and more. Graphic design is a specialty that can involve a few years of college and a diploma, though most people think they can do it for themselves. But customers can tell when an amateur has created a logo in Photoshop that can’t be manipulated, or worse, lifted from another company. Our graphic design services will be tailored to your specific business specialty, and will always be as unique as your business.


Logos and Branding

We provide logo design and business branding. Logo design begins at the design stage with sketches while we figure out your business niche for branding purposes. Colour and texture can play a role in getting your message across. Even something as simple as text needs to be carefully created for your logo, as it must be attractive and legible on an envelope and up to a large poster. We also recommend creating a series of logos so you can pick the one you prefer. Logos are created in Adobe Illustrator, which is an intricate program that only the best illustrators and designers use. If your logo designer has done a logo for you in Word or Excel, then run! Your logo will not be able to be manipulated for all the print and online purposes you’ll need it for. Logos and branding naturally go together, so if you’re starting from scratch, we can assist at every level.


Printed Brochures & Flyers

Our graphic designers can also create brochures and flyers that are destined for print. These can still be some of the best methods to promote specific businesses, particularly food- or service-oriented types. Sometimes handing out a brochure that your customers can keep handy is much easier than having them look it up online. But did you know that we can also save your brochures and flyers as PDFs that you can place online too?


Facebook & Online Ads

Facebook and Twitter ads are extremely popular methods for business promotion. But with one ad every two or three posts, that’s a lot for the reader to take in. Your ad needs to not only be bright and colourful, but it needs to have a call-to-action that will entice your potential customer into clicking it. Social media ads are some of the best ways to promote your business today, but they need to be done right.


Social Media Images

Photographs and other images are important content for social media. Often businesses don’t take care in posting this type of content. The chances are that 80% of the time you’re promoting someone else’s business when you do it! Instead, have us create special photographs, postcards, and memes with your website on it, that you can post as much as you want on your social media pages. If the content is fun and engaging, your customers and followers will love sharing it, while you barely have to lift a finger to do it!

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