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5 Ways to Effectively Lead Your Team & Be Respected

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It can be difficult being a team lead as you have extra workload. It may also be frustrating as team members are prone to slacking off or not pulling their weight. Just how can you effectively lead your team but also remain respected? You need to be taken seriously, but you also want to impart thought and kindness to your team too. You want to be the first person that your employees come to when there’s a problem.

It’s possible to run an effective team with these 5 tips.

1. Greet and thank your team. It’s important to acknowledge the people on your team, even if it’s only a simple good morning at the beginning of the day, or a goodnight and thank you for your contribution, at the end of the day. Check in regularly during the day to see how team members are doing, or if they need anything. Have an open door policy.

2. Reward positive behaviour. If your team performs well, then provide rewards. These can be as simple as bringing in donuts, or handing out gift cards. Be sure to include everyone, unless someone has truly stood out that month and all other team members agree. Or, rotate the accolades each Friday so that everyone is included, especially if you have a big team.

3. Never scold, bully, or yell. Scolding, bullying (now illegal), and yelling at employees all have the same effect as if you did that to your friends or spouse—they’d dump you never to be seen again. Learn how to control your anger. Put a smile on your face, even when things get tough. Instead of being negative, ask your employees how you can help them to perform better next time.

4. Ask for input. Employees can be devalued if you don’t include them in decision making, or if you suddenly dump a new procedure on them. Instead, hold regular weekly meetings and keep them in the loop. Ask for their input on new software, new procedures, or even how to tackle specific challenges in business. You may not be able to implement all suggestions, but you’ll be surprised at how often a simple tip is the best solution.

5. Build up trust. If your team members like you, and feel that you are competent at leading the team, then trust will be built. The more trust is built, the more effective your entire team will be. If you do mess up, (who doesn’t on occasion), be certain to apologize to your team, and let them know that you’re still there for them. Many team leads will even pitch in when the team is swamped with work. This also helps the team lead to understand the full picture.

Whether your team is just being built, or you’re trying to repair a broken team relationship, these 5 ways will help you to earn your employees’ trust. Always remember to be helpful, open to suggestions, and put a smile on your face.


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